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Who am I?

I am a tenured Professor at the University of Melbourne's School of Computing & Information Systems where I serve as Deputy Director of the Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence


What is my research about?

I am a management practice researcher specialising in cybersecurity. I research how organizations behave when they are under cyber attack. Over a period of 17 years I developed a unique team of Cybersecurity Management researchers drawn from Information Systems, Business Administration, Security Intelligence, and Information Warfare.  Together we conduct case studies, build practice models and train industry executives on how to practice cybersecurity. 

My research aims to answer the question: How can organizations defend their information resources against organized and sophisticated cyber-threat actors?

What am I doing right now?

Funded by the Australian government, I currently lead an international team of researchers assisting the Malaysian government to develop cyber defence capability. I am developing a maturity model to measure 'situation awareness' during organizational response to critical cyber attacks.

Who do I collaborate with?

I work with Prof Richard Baskerville, Prof Lars Mathiassen, Prof Rens Scheepers and Prof Kevin Desouza. I have previously served as a cybersecurity consultant for WorleyParsons, Pinkerton and SinclairKnightMerz. I am a Certified Protection Professional with the American Society for Industrial Security


This video diary captures an exciting event that brought together Malaysia's industry, government and academia to discuss cyber resilience. The event was organized and hosted by the cybersecurity centres of the University of Melbourne and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, sponsored by the Australian DFAT and opened by the High Commissioner to Malaysia, the DVC of UKM and the Deputy Director of Malaysia's National Security Council.

I had the distinct honor of leading the program and delivering the keynote! Don't miss the talking head interviews featuring the CISOs of Maybank, Maxis and Petronas!

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