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Research Identity

My research aims to improve management practice of cybersecurity in organizations. I draw research questions from real-world problems and engage in case study research to understand how organizations have handled these problems in practice. I like to build process models to given practitioners concrete insights they can use to structure their thinking and improve management practices.  


The Cybersecurity Management research team complements the existing technical cybersecurity research at the Melbourne School of Engineering to provide a distinctive capability to address ‘real-world’ cybersecurity prevention and response challenges faced by organizations today.


Google Scholar Stats

1998 - 2007 PhD

University of Melbourne

1993 - 1997 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Software)

University of Melbourne

1993 - 1997 Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

University of Melbourne

Citations: 3900+ (1 Jan, 2024)
H-Index: 34

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