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I research Cybersecurity Management, the systematic application of policy, risk, training and technological controls to protect information resources in organizations. Cybersecurity Management is a new and emerging area of interdisciplinary research that integrates perspectives from computing science, business administration, economics, psychology, communication studies and education, among others.


The Cybersecurity Management research team complements the existing technical cybersecurity research at the Melbourne School of Engineering to provide a distinctive capability to address ‘real-world’ cybersecurity prevention and response challenges faced by organizations today.

My research is qualitative in nature requiring the in-depth study of organizations through case studies, focus groups, and expert interviews. I adopt the Design Science research paradigm to address organizational problems by creating innovations that define management practices and technologies and improve the function of information systems.  My research is unique in that I propose, test and validate innovative process models, maturity models, management practices, training techniques and strategy paradigms to improve secure organizational use of information technology. 


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1998 - 2007 PhD

University of Melbourne

1993 - 1997 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Software)

University of Melbourne

1993 - 1997 Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

University of Melbourne

Citations: 2245 (21 Mar, 2021)
H-Index: 25
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