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External Competitive Research Funding

2023 - 2025 Australian Government   

Strategic Thinking in Cybersecurity for Malaysia

Atif Ahmad, Sean Maynard


2023 - 2025 Australian Government   

Developing the Philippines' Capability to Combat Disinformation 

Morgan Saletta, Atif Ahmad, Piers Howe


2022 - 2024 Australian Government   

Developing Malaysia's Cyber Incident Response Capability

Atif Ahmad, Sean Maynard, Justin Filippou 


2021 - 2025 Menzies Foundation  

New Legal Thinking for Emerging Technologies

Tim Miller, Jeannie Paterson, Atif Ahmad, Lars Kulik 


2021 Department of Defence, Australian Government 

Understanding Mass Influence Organisations

Emily Ebbott, Morgan Saletta, Richard Stearne, Atif Ahmad et al. 


2017 - 2021 Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence

Chris Leckie (Director),  Atif Ahmad (Deputy Director). 


Heading 1

2019 Department of Home Affairs 

A Standards-based Approach to Critical Infrastructure Risk Mitigation

Greg Adamson (Lead), Atif Ahmad, Moneer Alsahaikh, Zahrah Ghafoori, Chris Leckie


2019 - 2020 Oceania Centre of Cyber Security Excellence

A Research Methodology for Video-Enhanced Storytelling using Digital Artifacts in Cybersecurity Education

Atif Ahmad (Lead), Sean Maynard, Humza Naseer, Prof Rens Scheepers (Deakin)

Industry Partner: Holmes Institute


2016 - 2019 Australian Research Council Discovery Project

Enhancing Information Security through Organisational Learning

Atif Ahmad (Lead), Sean Maynard, Richard Baskerville, Mary Crossan, Graeme Shanks (Retired)


2018 Oceania Cyber Security - Proof of Concept Project

Executive Learning in Cyber Security: Video-enhanced Storytelling for Online Education

Atif Ahmad (Lead), Rens Scheepers, Sean Maynard


2004-2012 Australian Research Council Networks

Research Network for a Secure Australia

Priyan Mendis (Lead Investigator), Atif Ahmad and others as Investigators


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