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Current PhD Students

  1. Scott Ainslie (co-supervisors Sean Maynard, Dean Thompson) - Cyber-threat Intelligence in Organizations

  2. Ashley Anderson (co-supervisors Shanton Chang) - Case-based learning for Cybersecurity Management

  3. Mazino Onibere (co-supervisors Sean Maynard) - Information Security Strategy in Organizations

  4. Stephanie James (co-supervisors Sean Maynard) - Security Governance in Organizations

  5. Chee Kong Wong (co-supervisors Sean Maynard) - Security Governance in Organizations

  6. Abid Shah (co-supervisor Sean Maynard) - Information Warfare in Organizations

  7. Carlos Agudelo (co-supervisor Sean Maynard) - Information Leakage through BYOD

  8. Ritu Lakshmi Kudallur Ramanathan (co-supervisors Sean Maynard) - Sensemaking in Information Security

PhD Completions
  1. HORNE, Craig (co-supervisors Sean Maynard) - Information Security Strategy in Organizations

  2. NASEER, Humza  (co-supervisors Sean Maynard and Graeme Shanks) - Cybersecurity Analytics

  3. ALSHAIKH, Moneer (co-supervisors Sean Maynard, Shanton Chang) - Information Security Management Practices in Organizations (2018)

  4. WEBB, Jeb  (co-supervisors Sean Maynard, Graeme Shanks): Situation Awareness & Security Risk (2015)

  5. ABD ELGABAR, Mohamed (co-supervisors Sean Maynard, Andrew Lonie): Digital Forensic Readiness (2015)

  6. ABDUL MOLOK, Nurul Nuha (co-supervisor Shanton Chang): Leakage in Online Social Networking (2014)

  7. SHEDDEN, Piya (co-supervisor Wally Smith): Securing Information and Knowledge Assets in Organizations (2013)

  8. LIM, Michael (co-supervisors Shanton Chang, Sean Maynard): Defining the Relationship Between Information Security Culture and Information Security Practices (2012)

  9. TAN, Terrence (co-supervisors Sean Maynard, Tobias Ruighaver): Security Governance and Strategy Development: Improving the Process of Decision Making (2012)

  10. MAYNARD, Sean (co-supervisor Tobias Ruighaver): Strategic Information Security Policy Quality Assessment: A Multiple Constituency Perspective (2010)

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